Easy freesite insertion - maintain yours!


Creating a freesite is very easy, you don't have to be a programmer to write or publish (“insert”) your freesite. Publishing one or more freesites can also be fun, getting feedback, seeing your content beeing linked and published on indexes...

The content: freenet still needs more content, if you don't have a topic for your freesite right now, write something about the last tv-show you watched, your neighbour, your job, a hobby, ... it'll get read, and probably improve overall content quality.

Simplicity in mind

Don't care about the design right now, interesting freesites aren't necessarily the good looking ones.

Publishing your freesite will consist of 3 easy steps :
• creating a small picture
• writing a simple html page
• inserting it to freenet.

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Mar. 2008 - updated on Aug 2010 version française