Write your first page

Writing a page for freenet isn't different as writing a page for regular web. This page will show you the basis, keeping as simple as possible.

Requirements: you only need a text editor, if you're running Microsoft Windows, you can use Notepad. Use your favorite text editor if you run another platform.

Simple page

Here is the minimal text you should write to any page you intend to publish :

<html xmlns="">
  <title>My page  title</title>
  <meta name="description" content="page summary"/>
  <p>Hi world!</p>

Copy and paste the exact text to your text editor, and save file as index.html in your freesite directory. (beside activelink.png)

This page is quite simple, as it will just display “Hi world!”, but it's enough to show the whole process.
“<p></p>” blocks are paragraphs, you can add as many of them as you want/need.
You can preview your page at any moment : double-click the “index.html” file, and it'll show up in your browser.

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