Publish your freesite

So, now you have a shiny brand new page, it's time to insert it to freenet. Inserting a freesite is done using third-party software included with your freenet installation : “jSite”.

jSite is a great piece of java software written by “Bombe”. It will handle all the complicated tasks for you, putting your freesite publication a few clicks away.

You can download it anonymously from jSite's official freesite

Launch jSite

Under windows, double-click the jSite.jar file located in a jSite directory under your freenet installation directory.
On other platforms, use “java -jar jSite.jar”

The program main window should appear (click to enlarge) : jSite main window - click to enlarge

Create a new project

As jSite allows you to maintain more than one freesite at a time, you'll have to create a brand new project : click the “Add Project” button.

Now, you have to fill-in some project informations :
Name : enter a name for the project. eg: HelloWorld
Description : a small description, for your own convenience. eg: My first page
Local path : this is the directory where your files resides (click the Browse button and point to direcroty holding your index.hmtl & activelink.png files)
Path : enter a single word without spaces here, this will appear in your freesite url.

When everything is filled in correctly, press Next.

Insert your freesite

The following dialog should appear now (click to enlarge) : jSite default file selection - click to enlarge
• Hilight “index.html” and check “Default file
• Click the “Insert now” button

After a few minutes, a message will popup, telling you that your freesite was inserted.

Hit the “Copy URI to Clipboard” and paste it in your browser address bar, after “” so it will looks like :[..],AQACAAE/word/1/

You can bookmark this url (preferably using Fproxy's bookmarks), as it's your freesite url. Further publications of this jSite project will increase last number in URI (aka Edition)

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